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In our One-on-One sessions, we look at how your lifestyle, wellbeing, work and personal factors contribute to your feelings of stress.

We work on changing your beliefs about the negative impact of stress, using the latest neuroscience, psychology and health research.

The highly personalized approach allows you to make rapid progress towards feeling in control of your own success and wellbeing.

The process

  • Impacts – We will examine how your stress response impacts your health, effectiveness, energy and engagement.
  • Core values – We identify how your core value systems play a key role in your stress and how you can use these for a more supportive response.
  • Strategies – We look at how your behaviours under pressure can influence results and progress in the workplace and in key relationships. Together we then build strategies to minimise the occurrence and impact of these behaviours.
  • Strengths – You will understand how to work with your own innate strengths and resilience.

Your new mindset of meaning, challenge, community and growth will form a strong, personal foundation for dealing with stress in a positive way.

To support this, we will use Hogan Assessment profiling to identify your strengths, values and how your behavior changes under pressure. I include the Hogan assessment in all One-on-One Embrace Stress coaching packages of 6 hours or more.


One-on-One sessions can be held in person in London, Manchester and Milan, or via telephone/ Skype in all other locations.

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Embrace Stress course

Develop a personal strategy for dealing with stress, and grow more confident and resilient in the face of adversity.

The online course combines key elements of coaching, self-development and science in a way that is accessible and relevant to everyone.

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