Lockdown Calendar
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3 Nov 2020

“Lockdown Calendar” – the art of savouring daily

Tomorrow we start another lockdown in the UK. So in an attempt to inject a little humour in to how I feel about it, and create daily opportunities for savouring, I have a “lockdown advent calendar”.

In today’s busy world we are pulled in so many directions that we often forget or completely miss the power of enjoying things in the moment, or the keen anticipation of even small treats. We have too many emails to respond to and tweets to read, and a million things to multi-task on.

Instead, slowing down and savouring how things feel, taste, smell, look, or the emotions they create has been shown to have several benefits for our physical and emotional health, and our performance and resilience. Savouring builds

👍🏼positive emotions in the present
👍🏼 resources for coping
👍🏼 stronger relationships
👍🏼 creativity in problem solving
👍🏼 higher life satisfaction
👍🏼 greater optimism
👍🏼 helps us respond better to stressful situations

I have a simple Maltesers calendar, but there are some really great options for sensory enjoyment …. whisky, coffee/tea, self-care beauty, Harry Potter,…

Still time to get an advent calendar for lockdown (an “essential shopping item”?!) – or to introduce more small opportunities for savouring in to your day. 



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