Embrace Stress Online Course

Transform feeling stressed to feeling in control, energised, connected and resilient in 8 weeks. 

Everyone faces stress or pressure at some point in their life but it is how you react and approach it that determines the outcome.

Embrace Stress introduces proactive, pre-emptive stress management strategies, which help you to recognise, reframe, and reset stress-related triggers and behaviours. At the end of the course you will have a personal plan for dealing with stress, and growing more confident and resilient in the face of adversity.  

Don’t let stress define your limits, use it to drive you forward. 

This guided online course will change the way you look at the stress producing habits and events in your life (big or small). You will regain control of the way your mind and body respond to stress.

The Stress Reset course is for you if you …

  • self-manage current stress 
  • need to be able to perform at your best under pressure, when it really matters
  • want to know how to pro-actively approach future stressors to become more resilient,
  • want to minimise the health implications of stress;
  • want to help staff or friends through stressful situations; 
  • interact with stressed individuals (at work or at home!);
  • are a leader who wants to build awareness, understanding and practical toolkits for employees

** side effects of embracing stress**

Most of us have come to accept a relatively high level of stress as “just part of life”. So much so we don’t realise the impact it has on our mood and performance day-to-day.

Side effects of taking a sustainable, long-term approach when managing stress are…

– a happier life
– more energy
– increased confidence to face challenges as they arise
– more connected relationships
– improved physical & emotional health (general well-being)
– greater sense of purpose & focus
– ability to manage pressure
– courage, motivation & drive to achieve your goals
– improved productivity, creativity and problem-solving
– more time for the things that are most important in their life.


General practice has become to avoid stress and relieve its symptoms. But science suggests that increased self-awareness, self-acknowledgement and acceptance are key to finding balance and success long term. 

The Stress Reset course combines key elements of coaching, self-development and science in a way that is accessible and relevant to everyone.


Before we start the course, it’s helpful to set a baseline for our current relationship with stress. We will look at the definitions we use when we talk about stress, and the importance of “stress mindset” … what you believe about stress matters.


Stress is your body’s natural way of responding to any kind of demand or threat… but there is more to this response than fight or flight. 

We look at the biology of stress; how the mind and body play equally important roles in the process; identify your own personal stress response and exactly what triggers it; and we look at ways to relieve physical symptoms of stress.


You cannot necessarily control everything in life, but you can control how you view it. 

We begin to explore how we can use the stress triggers and symptoms to start to change our reaction to stress. We also see how the little habits our brain has developed to promote survival can trip us up in the modern world, and how to work around them.


Research on resilience shows that having a sense of purpose helps people persist through – and bounce back from – adversity.

We identify the things that are most important to you – your values – and how you can connect with them to find strength and solutions under pressure. This includes a deeper dive in to procrastination and worrying – both frequently associated with stress.


Stress can be isolating. WE can feel inadequate, singled-out and alone in our struggle.

We will look at how connecting and caring for others triggers the biology of courage and creates hope; examine and extend our support network; hone in on why personal conflict can be so hard to deal with and simple techniques for dealing with it. 


Without our stress responses, our ability to effectively learn, form memories, and change our behaviors for better survival would be severely diminished. But is it true what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? 

We identify your strengths, how you can utilise them to perform well under-pressure, and the value of reflection in building resilience. We will also look specifically at overwhelm – when we feel inadequate to the task(s) at hand – and what to do about it. 


The pursuit of happiness has become a big source of stress… but science shows that there are small shifts and habits that can make a big difference. Learn what psychology and neuroscience have discovered really makes us happy; and how to build more of them in to your day without creating more demands on your time, money or energy.


Knowledge is only half the battle.

Time to put the techniques you have found work for you over the last 6 weeks in to a personal action plan. Outline how you will use and build on what you have learned to rise to the challenge under pressure, and create more meaning, success, and happiness in life without more stress.


two ways to embrace stress with the stress reset online course 

  1. Independent Study Online – go at your own pace with support from the Facebook Community and email help desk
  2. Group Coaching –  Combine Online learning with an opportunity to ask questions directly and connect with experts in stress and related topics. 

How is the course delivered?

  • Video instruction with Clear Action items – practical and tactical to make the most of your time learning

  • Worksheets & Assessments help you understand where to focus and improve your own reaction to stress

  • Community and Email support – Access our private Facebook page and community’s supportive conversations. You will also receive weekly check-in emails instructions to help you get the most out of the content.

  • Technical support via help desk

  • Lifetime access to content plus any updates

  • 14-day Money Back guarantee: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a course, please email support@embracestress.com within 14 days of purchase and we will issue a refund.

Want to change the relationship you have with stress and go into 2022 calm, confident, & connected? The next GROUP coaching starts on NOVEMBER 1ST 2021. Will you join us?








why i embrace stress 

I love helping people understand the role their brain plays in working, leading and living effectively and happily.

I bring over 20 years experience in the high-pressure environment of Investment Banking. While I have been successful, I also admit I’ve had points when I have felt exhausted, overwhelmed, isolated, like I was failing, and would describe some experiences as having “broken me”.  Yet most of the time I wouldn’t have described myself as stressed!

Over time I discovered vital aspects of stress management which, had I learned many years ago, would have transformed my ability to perform to my full potential, lead effectively and feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled in life.

There is so much knowledge, information, training and tips available today but sometimes that in itself can become overwhelming and another source of stress. Through Embrace Stress, I am pulling together the best information and practical solutions out there into a format which makes it easy for you to benefit from them immediately.

I have combined this experience with my training as a an Executive Coach and in Neuroscience and Psychology relating to stress, mental health and leadership to bring practical solutions to the problems so many of us face in our hectic modern world.

I look forward to meeting you on your journey through Embrace Stress – Stress Reset.

Charlotte – Chief Stress Officer 

One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes a more personalised approach is what’s needed to make rapid progress in changing your stress response and behaviours. Develop a personal strategy for managing stress, grow more confident and resilient in the face of adversity, and learn how to perform at your best under pressure.

In our One-on-One coaching, we look at how your wellbeing, work and personal beliefs contribute to your stress and tailor our sessions to address these.

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