Embrace Stress Online Course

Transform feeling stressed to feeling in control, energised, connected and resilient in 6 weeks. 

Everyone faces stress or pressure at some point in their life but it is how you react and approach it that determines the outcome.

Embrace Stress introduces proactive, pre-emptive stress management strategies, which help you to recognise, reframe, and reset stress-related triggers and behaviours, and build resilience.

Don’t let stress define your limits, use it to drive you forward. 

This guided online course will change the way you look at the stress producing habits and events in your life (big or small). You will regain control of the way your mind and body respond to stress.

General practice has become to avoid stress and relieve its symptoms. But science suggests that increased self-awareness, self-acknowledgement and acceptance are key to finding balance and success long term. 

This course is practical and insightful. You will gain understanding and tools which you will integrate easily into your day, enabling you to reduce unnecessary stress and thrive through pressure points in your life.

Enroll for £120

Course Contents

  1. What is stress?
  2. How to focus on what’s important in your stressors
  3. Using stress to fuel progress
  4. Support and improve your health and well-being
  5. Feel connected – building & using your support network
  6. Learn to perform at your best under pressure 
  7. Create habits that increase daily feelings of happiness

Learning is via video, guided workbook sessions and access to online resources and community support.

** Side effects of Embracing Stress **

– a happier life
– more energy
– increased confidence
– more connected relationships
– improved physical & emotional health (general well-being)
– greater sense of purpose & focus
– ability to manage pressure
– courage, motivation & drive to achieve your goals


One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes a more personalised approach is what’s needed to make rapid progress in changing your stress response and behaviours. Develop a personal strategy for managing stress, grow more confident and resilient in the face of adversity, and learn how to perform at your best under pressure.

In our One-on-One coaching, we look at how your wellbeing, work and personal beliefs contribute to your stress and tailor our sessions to address these.