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Embrace Stress resources and events debunk the myths that persist around stress and your ability to thrive through it.
These events will give you an introduction to the strategies and habits that will help you transform feeling stressed into feeling in control, confident, energized, and resilient.

Break the sleep-stress cycle

Learn how healthy sleep patterns and pro-active stress strategies can shift you from surviving to thriving – DATES COMING SOON

Hosted with Dr. Kat Lederle – Sleep Scientist

Overcoming Stress and Overwhelm - 20 JULY

Knowing how to handle overwhelm is key to building resilience and improving performance /productivity… Actionable, step-by-step plan that places you back in control.

The Stress Reset - 26 JULY

Science-led strategies to go from surviving to thriving. Regain control of the way your mind and body respond to stress

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Learn more about how Embrace Stress can help you understand your stress and handle whatever is happening around you with ease.
Topical, insightful, and practical weekly posts.
Recent posts include Self Compassion, Expectations & Stress, Gratitude, Using your strengths to build resilience

What is the best exercise for stress?

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It is no secret that exercise helps support our mental as well as physical health. But stress comes in many forms… as does exercise!

Follow the steps and the information in this guide, to find the best exercise strategy for YOUR stress…

Harness Stress for Success

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Recent studies show that the attitude you take towards this stress can make a big difference to the outcomes – results, feelings & long-term health.

How can you harness the power of stress in the face of a challenge and pressure – interview, exam, presentation, project, or difficult conversation,…?

Embrace Stress course

Everyone faces stress or pressure at some point in their life but it is how you react and approach it that determines the outcome.

Transform feeling stressed to feeling in control, energised, connected and resilient in 8 weeks.

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