Embrace stress workshops

Embrace Stress Workshops & Events

Join me at an Embrace Stress workshop or seminar. You will gain the knowledge and self-awareness to manage the limiting effects of stress and learn to thrive. I run my workshops in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment.

A combination of neuroscience, wellbeing, and solid coaching techniques come together to make an insightful and practical group learning experience in a flexible format.

  • Understand why and how your stress occurs
  • Learn how to choose the most appropriate response to stress
  • Thrive by incorporating supportive behaviour into your daily life
  • Develop the skills and mindset to perform at your best under pressure
  • Learn how to become “Mentally Strong”
  • Discover how to support others through stressful events

Companies running Embrace Stress Workshops will benefit from improved employee engagement, energy, productivity and wellbeing.

Upcoming events

Break the Sleep-Stress Cycle

London, UK

The Curtain Club - Shoreditch 

9 March 2020


Kensington Library

London, England



I love talking about stress and how using only small tweaks in our daily lives, we can get better at managing it. So, if you are hosting an event and think your audience could benefit from learning more about stress and how they can build healthy, proactive, successful reactions and solutions, please contact me

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Embrace Stress course

Develop a personal strategy for dealing with stress, and grow more confident and resilient in the face of adversity.

The online course combines key elements of coaching, self-development and science in a way that is accessible and relevant to everyone.